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    200 Square Clear Bumper Stops 12.7mm x 3.1mm PD2127

    200 Square Clear Bumper Stops 12.7mm x 3.1mm PD2127

    These stick on feet are ideal for: floor protection as they help to protect your furniture from scratching your floor, kitchen chopping boards, under glass top furniture, POP displays & to prevent squeaks, rattles & noise from vibration

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    Product Use


    Bumperstop Ref: PD2127

    PD2127 Square Clear BumperStop is a genuine branded BumperStop which measures 12.7mm in diameter by 3.1mm in height. There are 200 Square Clear BumperStops to a sheet and 50 sheets to a box (total of 10,000 Square Clear BumperStops in a box).

    Fosseway Tapes stock Bumper stops in a large range of shapes and sizes; for further information please contact us on: 0800 652 1056 and we will happily help you with your Bumperstop requirements.

    Made from Polyurethane

    As these stick on feet are made from polyurethane they have several distinct advantages over similar self adhesive feet made from inferior materials. These advantages are:

    Abrasion resistant

    Oil and solvent resistant

    Higher load bearing capacity than conventional rubber

    Higher Tear resistant than rubber - between 500-100 Ibs./linear inch

    Weather resistant

    Excellent noise dampening properties

    Electrical insulating properties

    Heat and cold resistant

    Product Use

    Furniture Protection

    The PD2127 is perfect due to its sound dampening stops and buffers as they reduce noise and absorb shock. These Bumperstops can also be be used under glass to prevent the glass slipping when used in conjunction with most glass top furniture.

    Stick on feet

    Our Recessed Cone Bumper Stops are self adhesive feet which have a self adhesive back to allow for them to be stuck onto a range of products without the need to use fixings such as screws or additional glue.

    Non slip feet for Electronic and Medical Devices

    Our Bumperstops can be used as non-slip feet - or spacers - on all manner of audio, medical, telecoms and general desktop units. This gives you the added advantage of extra heat dissipation when your electronic or medical unit gets hot.

    POP Displays

    Owing to their clarity, these BumperStop Protectors can be used under a huge variety of acrylic counter display units to help to prevent sliding. When used under coloured displays they will blend nicely with the colour of the unit.

    Glass Industry

    These Bumperstops can be used as non-slip spacers under glass to prevent glass from moving; and to take up any shock and vibration. These can also be used on kitchen chopping boards, drinks coasters and glass top furniture in hotels and homes.

    Domestic Appliances

    These Bumperstops can help to stabilize and prevent appliances from slipping or rocking and are ideal for added heat dissipation. Compared to similar products made from commercial grades of rubber these Bumperstops will not mark the surface on which it sits as they are made from polyurethane.

    Automotive Applications

    These Bumperstops can be used to prevent squeaks, rattles, noise and vibration within many sectors of the automotive industry.


    Load tolerance: 5Kg per BumperStop

    Hardness (shore A): ASTN D-2240

    Tensile Strength (Mpa): BS903

    Elongation (%): BS903

    Tear Strength (KN/m): BS903

    Abrasion Resistance (MG loss): BS EN 5470-1:1999

    Flame Retardency: UL94HB

    Kinetic Coefficient of friction: ASTM D-1894-78

    Not sure if this Bumperstop is correct for your requirements?

    Fosseway Tapes stock Bumper Stops in a large range of shapes and sizes. If you are not sure if this Bumperstop is right for your requirements please contact us on: 0800 652 1056 and we will happily help you with your Bumperstop requirements.

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