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This heavy duty VELCRO® Brand adhesive tape secures your items in only a matter of minutes.

Ideal for: sticking onto boxes, attaching blinds, bath panels, carpets, kitchen floor tiles and notice boards

Each box comes with 1m Hook & 1m Loop.

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Easy to use and apply

Fosseway Tapes, heavy duty VELCRO® Brand tape has a general purpose adhesive which is recommended for smooth surfaces such as wood. Our heavy duty VELCRO® Brand tape incorporates a 50% stronger closure and adhesive that can be used indoors and out, securing items such as temporary number plates, first aid kits and outdoor torches. It has never been so quick or easy.

When extra strength is required VELCRO® brand heavy duty tape provides just that, so much so that on a vertical surface the mated fasteners will hold up to 7KG or approx per 50mm length.

This product is suitable for numerous commercial applications including: – but not limited to – the point of sale, fitting curtains to wood and other surfaces, carpet fitting and industrial industries.

Size information

50mm x 1m

  • Product Use

    Our VELCRO® Brand heavy duty tape makes an ideal alternative to: nails, screws or messy glue while allowing commercial items - such as: sticking on to boxes, attaching Roman blinds, bath panels, carpets, kitchen floor tiles and notice boards - to be secured in only a matter of minutes.

    In fact this VELCRO® Brand tape can be used for pretty much any conceivable application that requires a low - Medium tack where a temporary bond is simply required.

    See this product in action

    Blends in seamlessly

    You will not need to worry with unprofessional looking finishes to your fastened products - or work - either; as these VELCRO® Branded Tapes blend into black plastic surfaces for an inconspicuous, professional and modern look.


    Our VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty Tapes are water-resistant, which is prefect for an array of day to day applications both indoors and outdoors.

    Rubber-based Adhesive

    These VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty tapes are a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive which has a good adhesion to low surface energy substrates.

    Ideal for appropriate High cycle life applications

    These VELCRO® Brand tapes are a high quality fasten-and-leave product. As there is only a minimal decline in effectiveness over time - even after many fastening and unfastenings – these VELCRO® Brand tapes means you will only need to use them once and then not need to worry about replacing them again for most applications.

  • Product Application

    Clean and dry the surface before application

    Peel tape from the fastener and press firmly into place

    Adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours

    Please note: Our VELCRO® Brand heavy duty tapes are not recommended for fabrics, dashboards, flexible vinyl or underwater use. Continued exposure to full sunlight may damage this product.

  • Technical
    Base Material Rubber Resin
    Temperature Range -150C to +900C
    Peel Average:
    (curing time: 24 hours) Method: FTM 1 (FINAT*)
    17 N/cm
    Softening Point ≥900C
    Static Shear Method: FTM 8 (FINAT*) ≥7 days
    Tack Medium/Low
    Application Method Pressure
    Application General except PVC
    Special features High cohesion under temperature

    Not sure if these VELCRO® Brand coins are correct for your requirements?

    Fosseway Tapes stock VELCRO® Brand products in a large range of shapes and sizes. If you are not sure if this VELCRO® Brand product is right for your requirements please contact us on: 0800 652 1056 and we will happily help you with your VELCRO® Brand requirements.

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