50mm X 50mtrs NEC Approved Double Sided Tape

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This tape is ideal for: events and exhibitions and for temporarily fixing carpets.


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Fosseway Tapes NEC approved tape has a printed 60 micron Low Density Polyethylene Film carrier. That is coated on the open side with a Low-Tack adhesive which is peel-able. On the closed side it is coated with a high tack permanent adhesive. This tape has a release liner which makes it sideways tearable.

This tape is manufactured with a differential adhesive coating on both sides which is strong enough to secure carpets to exhibition hall floors; but, will clean peel off when required without leaving residue to clean off afterwards.

  • Product Use

    NEC Approved Double Sided Tape 50mm X 50m is a tape best known for its uses at events and exhibitions and for temporarily fixing carpets. Due to this tape having 2 different adhesives on it it can be used for situations which require both high-tack and low-tack adhesives

    Although NEC Approved Double Sided Tape is designed to leave minimal residue on the applied surface when removed, always test on a small area first.

  • Product Application

    The open side of this NEC tape is applied to the Exhibition floor - which must be clean - and the release liner is then removed to expose the adhesive on to which the underside of the Exhibition carpet will be firmly placed. As a result peeling this tape off will not leave a residue.

  • Technical
    Adhesive Colour Clear
    Adhesive Type Pure Acrylic
    Tape Thickness (Carrier & Adh) 0.108mm
    Carrier Thickness 0.060
    Peel Adhesive (steel) 24hrs 120/920N/M
    Loop Tack 140/640N/M
    Shear Static (Hrs @ 1KG) 1/120
    Temp ºC Min Application +5ºC /-5ºC
    Service Range -20 to +120ºC
    Shelf Life
    12mths PSTMA Conditions

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