100 Black Cable Ties – 300mm x 4.8mm

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Premium Quality: High-grade black nylon for superior strength and flexibility.

Secure Fastening: Self-locking design for a quick, hassle-free application.

Multi-Use Versatility: Ideal for cable management, gardening, DIY projects, and more.

Safety Enhanced: Keeps cables tidy and reduces tripping hazards for a safer environment.

Great Value Pack: 100 pieces for multiple projects, both indoor and outdoor.


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High-Quality 100 Black Cable Ties

Our premium pack of 100 black nylon cable ties offers you great strength and flexibility for all your cable management needs.

These ties, sized 300mm x 4.8mm, are perfect for securing a wide range of cables.

Cable Tie Application Uses

These cable ties have many application uses, some of which consist of for instance:

Cable Management

Organise and secure cables behind desks, entertainment systems, or computer setups.

Outdoor Equipment

Use to bundle and secure outdoor equipment such as hoses, gardening tools, or outdoor lighting wires.

DIY Projects

Utilise various do-it-yourself projects for securing components together temporarily or permanently.


Secure loose wires, hoses, or parts in vehicles, particularly in the engine compartment or interior.

Home Repairs

It is used for quick fixes around the house, such as securing broken parts or temporarily holding objects together.

Arts and Crafts

Incorporate into arts and crafts projects for creating structures, sculptures, or securing materials together.


It is ideal for secure wiring within electronic devices or appliances, keeping them organized and preventing tangling.


Temporarily secure pipes or hoses during repairs or installations until they can be properly fixed in place.


Use to tie up plants or secure garden netting to support structures like trellises or stakes.

Events and Entertainment

Manage cables and wires at events, concerts, or performances to prevent trip hazards and maintain a neat appearance.

Strong and Reliable

Crafted from high-grade nylon, these cable ties provide you with a secure hold for your cables and wires, ensuring they stay in place.

The self-locking design also makes applying them quick and effortless, saving you time and hassle. So, whether you are tidying up your entertainment centre or setting up a professional wiring system, our cable ties offer the reliability you need.

Flexible and Functional

Our nylon zip ties are designed for many uses. For instance you can use them for organising cables, gardening, securing items during transport, or even for DIY projects.

Consequently, the flexibility of these ties allows you to easily apply them around corners and through tight spaces without compromising on strength.

Safe and Professional Finish

Our cable ties also help you achieve a neat and professional look in any setting. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and offer resistance against ageing and weather conditions as well.

  • Product Use
    Cable Tie 300mm x 4.8mm All cable ties are supplied in bags of 100'S (plain bags). ties are manufactured from NYLON 66, and are UL approved
  • Technical
    ■ Manufactured from Virgin Nylon PA66 ■ Active working temperature from -40°C to 85°C ■ Loop Tensile strength: 220N ■ Bundle Diameter: 3.2mm to 76mm ■ Resistant to external agents

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