Bond It PVA Glue Contractors Grade

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Multi-Purpose Use: Ideal as a primer, sealer, and bonding agent for various materials, including plaster, cement, and timber.

Professional GradeM: Conforms to BS 5270, ensuring top-quality performance for all construction needs.

Fast Drying: Achieves high bond strength quickly, reducing wait times and increasing work efficiency.

High Solids Content: More effective than other contractor-grade glues, providing better coverage and stronger bonds.

Bottles: Available in both 1L and 5L bottles to suit different project sizes and requirements.

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Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue

Introducing this reliable Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue, available in a substantial 5-litre bottle, which has been designed for professional use.

As a result, this PVA glue excels as a primer, sealer, and bonding agent, offering you unparalleled performance in construction and renovation projects especially.

High Performance and Durability

This PVA glue sets quickly to achieve formidable bond strength, adhering to a variety of materials, including:

  • Plaster
  • Cement
  • Timber
  • Gypsum wall boards
  • Paper

Fast Drying

With its fast-drying properties and superior adhesive qualities, it ensures that your construction or repair projects are efficient and durable as a result.

Application Uses

This industrial-level PVA is suitable for many applications, such as:

Wallpaper Adhesive

Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue can be used as an effective adhesive for hanging wallpaper. This is due to its fast-drying feature, which ensures that your wallpaper adheres securely and smoothly. This reduces the risk of bubbles and peeling while providing you with a professional finish for your decorating projects.

Primer for Plaster

Before painting or applying other finishes to plaster, applying Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue as a primer can improve your adhesion and result in a smoother, more uniform finish.

It does so by sealing the porous surfaces on the surface, preventing the paint from absorbing excessively and thereby saving on your paint usage in turn.

Sealer for Timber

Protect and prepare timber surfaces for staining or painting by using Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue as a sealer. It can do this as it penetrates the wood, providing you with a protective layer that enhances the timber's natural grain and prevents uneven finishes from occurring as a result.

Cement Admixture

Improve the adhesion and flexibility of cement by adding Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue to the mix. This application is particularly useful in making cement more durable for minor repairs or for filling cracks where an enhanced bond strength is necessary to be applied.


Due to its excellent adhesive properties and flexibility when dry, Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue is also ideal for bookbinding. It ensures that the pages are securely bound and the spine remains flexible, extending the life of the book.

Fabric Art

You can use Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue as well in fabric art projects to adhere fabric to various surfaces - or each other. It does so by drying straightforwardly and flexibly, making it an excellent choice for projects that require a durable yet invisible bond when dried.

Craft Projects

Whether it is making models, creating holiday decorations, or assembling DIY projects, Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue also provides you with a strong bond in craft applications, sticking to a variety of materials, including paper, wood, and ceramics.

Undercoat for Tiles

Applying a layer of Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue as an undercoat on surfaces before laying tiles can also help you in improving the grip of tile adhesives.

For instance, it ensures that your tiles stay firmly in place, reducing the likelihood of tiles lifting over time as a result.

Repairing Porous Ceramics

For repairing broken ceramics, especially porous ones, Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue is a very effective solution. It can fill and bond pieces securely, restoring the item with minimal visibility of the repair.

Molding and Sculpture

Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue can also be used in moulding and sculpture projects to combine materials or add a protective coat to finished pieces. This is due to their strength and flexibility, which make them more than suitable for both amateur and professional artists alike to use.

Can this glue be used as a sealer?

For a sealer, Yes, this PVA Glue serves excellently well as a sealer, as it can seal porous surfaces like plaster and timber really well, preparing them for painting or even just further treatment.

This sealing capability then helps prevent the absorption of paints and varnishes, ensuring a more even and cost-effective application.

How quickly does Bond It PVA Glue dry?

This Bond It adhesive is known for its fast-drying properties. Typically, it sets quickly to form a high bond strength, which is ideal for projects that require a rapid set.

However, depending on environmental conditions, it can start setting within minutes, though complete curing might take longer.

Is Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue waterproof?

While Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue provides you with a strong bond and can be used for a range of applications, it is not waterproof. For applications where water resistance is crucial, it is recommended to use a more specifically designed waterproof adhesive instead.

Can this adhesive be diluted?

Yes, this Contractors PVA adhesive can be diluted with water to achieve varying consistencies depending on your application to hand.

As a result, this makes it very versatile for many applications, allowing you to use this as a thinner primer or even a lighter adhesive layer - depending on the needs of your project.

Does this glue conform to any standards?

Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue conforms to BS 5270, meeting stringent standards that ensure its quality and reliability for professional use. This compliance also underscores its suitability for serious construction and DIY projects - helping to guarantee you a high performance from this adhesive.

What are the storage conditions for this glue?

To maintain its effectiveness, Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

The container you choose should also be sealed tightly when not in use to prevent the glue from drying out or forming skin on the surface.

Can it be used for outdoor projects?

Due to its composition, Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue is primarily designed for indoor use. If used outdoors, it should be adequately covered and protected from moisture and direct exposure to the elements to maintain its bonding integrity.

What is the shelf life of Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue?

The shelf life of this PVA adhesive is typically around 12 months when stored under optimal conditions.

To ensure maximum performance from this glue, it is advisable to use it within this timeframe and check its consistency and effectiveness before applying it to large projects.

Is Bond It Glue safe to use around children?

While Bond It Contractors Grade PVA Glue is non-toxic and safe for use in environments around children, it is advisable to keep it out of reach of young children.

Proper safety precautions should also be taken to ensure that it is used in a well-ventilated area and that skin contact is avoided during application.

Professional Grade Specifications

Complying with BS 5270 standards, this glue is formulated for professional-grade applications. It offers a higher solids content than other contractor grades, which means more effective coverage and enhanced bonding properties - making it a staple in any contractor's toolkit.


Available in both 1-litre and 5-litre bottles, this PVA Glue is ideal for both small-scale touch-ups and large-scale industrial applications. At the same time, its formula is easily dilutable, allowing for customised consistency depending on your project needs as well.

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