Double Sided Clear Adhesive Discs 25mm (1,000)

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These 25mm sticky discs come with a pull cord for easy use, are a super strong clear double sided Polyester discs, & are ideal for use on:

  • – Surfaces that are difficult to stick to or are uneven
  • – Can be used for wax seals and stamps
  • – Paper
  • – Cardboard
  • – Card
  • – Metal
  • – Ceramic plastic
  • – Glass
  • – Wood
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Super Strong Clear Double-Sided Adhesive Discs with a pull tab to make it easier to place & peel. These come in rolls of 1,000 sticky pads or discs per roll.

Stick pad features

These pads are clear and thin - making them almost invisible.

Application uses

These stick pads are ideal for:

  • Surfaces that are difficult to stick to or are uneven
  • Can be used for wax seals and stamps

Adhesive and bonding information

These 25mm sticky discs are super strong, clear, double-sided Polyester discs. They come with a very thick special solvent acrylic adhesive system.

This adhesive gives it a very high initial tack and will bond:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Card
  • Metal
  • Ceramic plastic
  • Glass
  • Wood

This is a permanent adhesive with high cohesion and excellent ageing characteristics.

Liner information

These stick pads come with a PET carrier.

Application uses

This tape is ideal for - or known as:

  • Double sided adhesive discs
  • Double sided stickers
  • Adhesive discs
  • Clear double sided adhesive roll
  • Double sided discs
  • Double sided clear sticky pads
  • Clear adhesive pads
  • Double sided tape clear

Mounting Acrylic Signage

Perfect for mounting signs or information displays made of acrylic in offices or public spaces. The clear adhesive discs provide a strong hold while maintaining a clean and seamless look.

Securing Glass Table Tops

Use the discs to securely attach glass tops to their bases in furniture items such as tables and desks, ensuring stability and reducing slippage without compromising aesthetics.

Photo Album Assembly

These adhesive discs are ideal for sticking photographs in albums or scrapbooks, providing a permanent bond that doesn't yellow over time or damage the photos.

Craft Projects

Excellent for various craft projects, especially where a transparent bond is needed. They are particularly useful in layering items or attaching embellishments.

Fixing Samples in Showcases

Useful for retailers or exhibitors who need to fix samples onto display boards or inside showcases securely and invisibly, making them ideal for trade shows or store displays.

Assembling Marketing Collaterals

These discs can be used to assemble promotional materials such as brochures or marketing packets, providing a neat and professional finish without visible staples or clips.

Attaching Accessories to Electronic Devices

Suitable for attaching items like camera lenses, screen protectors, or decorative elements to electronic devices seamlessly and without leaving residue if removed.

Jewelry Making

The adhesive discs can be used in jewellery making, particularly in securing lightweight decorative elements to larger pieces without the need for mechanical fasteners.

Automotive Interior Fixtures

These discs are handy for attaching accessories or decorative trims within vehicles, offering a reliable hold that withstands temperature changes and vibration.

Window Displays

Great for setting up and changing seasonal window displays in retail, allowing for quick changes and strong adherence to smooth surfaces like glass or polished metals.

Indoor and Outdoor applications

These sticky pads can be used for both internal and external applications.

Pull cord

Each sticky disc comes with a pull cord for easy application.

Technical information

Loop Tack2.0 kg / 25mm FINAT-9
Peel Adhesion1.8 kg / 25mm PSTC – 3
Shear StrengthOver 24 hours with 2kg loading on 25mmx 25mm at 25°C PSTC - 7
Heat ResistanceOver 24 hours with 0.5kg loading on 25mm x 25mm at 80°C
Temperature Resistancefrom -20°C to +180°C

Double-Sided Clear Adhesive Discs 25mm Price

These stick-on discs cost as little as 2p / disc.

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