Eco Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape 25M – Self Adhesive

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Eco Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape 25M – Self Adhesive

  • – Heavy duty brown paper tape ideal for use on both large parcels
  • – Small parcels
  • – Cardboard boxes
  • – Packaging parcels
  • – Box sealing
  • – Gift wrapping
  • – Sealing mailing bags
  • – Parcel boxes
  • – E-commerce businesses
  • – Sealing retail boxes
  • – Cardboard cartons in general
  • – Postal boxes
  • – Gift boxes
  • – Attaching postage labels
  • – Packing boxes
  • – General packaging materials
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Brown Kraft Paper Tape 25M - Self Adhesive Product Description

Introducing our Eco Reinforced Self Adhesive Brown Kraft Paper Tape, where each roll being 25 metres long. Consequently, this gives you the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to traditional clear cross-weave packaging tape, making this heavy duty brown paper tape ideal for use on both large parcels, small parcels, cardboard boxes, packaging parcels, box sealing, gift wrapping, sealing mailing bags, parcel boxes, e-commerce businesses, sealing retail boxes, cardboard cartons in general, postal boxes, gift boxes, attaching postage labels, packing boxes, and for use as general packaging materials. Consequently, this high-performance Kraft Paper Packaging Tape is designed to meet your packaging and sealing needs while minimising its environmental impact simultanously.

Brown Tape Application Uses

This self-adhesive tape is ideal for many application uses, including:

Sealing Boxes

Use this self-adhesive paper tape to securely seal boxes for shipping or storage, ensuring they remain closed during transit.

Reinforcing Packages

You can use this eco-friendly packaging tape to strengthen packages by wrapping the tape around them, adding extra support to prevent damage.

Bundling Items

Bundle multiple items together with this brown packaging tape, keeping them organised and preventing them from getting lost.

Labelling Boxes

Write directly on the kraft paper tape to label boxes, making it easy to identify contents.

Securing Loose Ends

Keep loose ends of wrapping paper or other materials in place by taping them down.

Craft Projects

Use the tape in various craft projects, providing a strong and eco-friendly adhesive solution.

Book Binding

Reinforce the spines of books or repair damaged book covers with strong kraft paper tape.

Picture Framing

Secure the back of picture frames with the tape, ensuring they stay intact and look neat.

Temporary Repairs

Make temporary repairs to torn or damaged items with sturdy tape, holding them together until a permanent fix is applied.

Office Use

Seal envelopes and packages in the office efficiently and sustainably with this strong adhesive tape.

Moving House

Keep moving boxes securely closed and labelled during a house move, ensuring items stay safe and organised.


Use the tape to label plant pots and garden tools, helping to keep your garden organised.

School Projects

Perfect for school projects, the tape can be used to construct models or secure materials together.

DIY Projects

Incorporate the tape into DIY projects around the house, offering a reliable and strong adhesive solution.

Retail Packaging

Use this brown kraft tape as a paper parcel tape that is ideal in retail settings to seal and secure product packaging, providing an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tape.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Tape

Made from kraft paper, this tape is a sustainable choice that reduces plastic waste.

Superior Strength

Featuring a biaxially orientated weave, the tape offers exceptional tensile strength and durability, ensuring secure and reliable sealing.

Easy to Use

For the best experience, this brown parcel eco tape is more than compatible with standard tape dispensers and standard tape guns; this Kraft paper packing tape is also compatible for use with filament tape hand-held dispensers, making application quick and effortless.

Low Noise

This paper kraft tape makes a low noise when unwound and attached on carton surfaces, which makes it ideal for larger supply chain companies or a small business that work in busy environments.

Greaseproof paper

If you need greaseproof paper, this eco-friendly packing tape is ideal for you.

Allows Print Colours

This heavy duty paper tape is also ideal if you need to print colours over it as well.


This sealing tape is also an eco-friendly recyclable tape as well.

Who are Fosseway Tapes?

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Delivery Service

We offer many delivery options with varying delivery dates for this compostable packaging tape, depending on your preferences, and supply chain processes we can offer you free shipping / free delivery to the United Kingdom mainland, next working day, international delivery to places such as the United States, Europe and more, along with the next day and lots more.

Eco Reinforced Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape 25m Overall

Choose this high-quality, eco-friendly Kraft Paper Tape that comes in 25-metre tape rolls for a greener, stronger, and more efficient packaging solution. Alternatively, if you are not sure if this adhesive brown paper tape is right for you needs, why not call our customer service team and you can then provide them with any additional information you have about your individual application. Our customer support team is here to help you find the best renewable resource for your packaging needs.

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