48mm x 66m Fragile Packing Tape Low Noise

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High Visibility: Bold red “FRAGILE” text on a white background ensures your package gets the careful handling it deserves.

Strong Adhesion: Secures firmly to cardboard, plastic, and more, keeping your items safe during transit.

Smooth Application: Easy to unroll and cut, our tape streamlines the packing process, making it quick and hassle-free.

Generous Size: Each roll measures 48mm x 66m, providing ample tape for all your shipping and handling needs.

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High-Quality Fragile Packaging Tape

Our heavy-duty, Fragile Packing Tape ensures the secure shipping and handling of your precious items.

Made from high-quality white polypropylene, this tape offers strong adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Each roll measures 48mm in width and 66m in length, making it perfect for both personal and professional use.

Designed for Visibility and Safety

With its bold red text clearly spelling out "FRAGILE", this tape is designed to alert handlers to the delicate nature of the contents.

The vivid contrast between the white background and red lettering ensures that the warning catches the eye immediately, reducing the risk of mishandling and damage during transit.

Versatile and Convenient

Whether you're moving house, shipping products to customers, or storing valuable items, our Fragile Warning Packaging Tape is your dependable ally. It unrolls smoothly and cuts easily, saving you time and hassle.

Its adhesive solid quality means it sticks well to cardboard, plastic, paper, and more, ensuring your packages remain securely sealed.

Shipping Delicate Electronics

Fragile packing tape signals handlers to treat packages with extra care, which is crucial for electronics like laptops or smartphones, which can easily sustain damage from mishandling. This tape helps reduce the risk of internal damage from shocks or drops during transit, ensuring that sensitive components like screens and motherboards arrive in working condition.

Artwork Transportation

When transporting artwork, the tape visually communicates the need for gentle handling to prevent damage to canvases, frames, or sculptures. It helps in preventing tears, scratches, or other harm that can degrade the artwork's value and integrity, ensuring that pieces reach their destination in gallery-ready condition.

Antique Furniture Moving

Antique furniture often requires special handling due to its age, rarity, and fragility. Using fragile packing tape alerts movers to the need for extra caution, reducing the risk of scratches, dents, or structural damage that could significantly diminish the piece's value and historical significance.

Glassware and Ceramics Distribution

For businesses distributing glassware or ceramics, this tape is essential for indicating the need for careful package handling. It minimizes the chances of breakage, ensuring products reach retailers or customers intact, thereby maintaining customer satisfaction and reducing financial losses from refunds or replacements.

Laboratory Equipment Logistics

Fragile tape is crucial when transporting laboratory equipment, which often includes delicate instruments and glassware essential for scientific research. Proper handling ensures that these precise tools arrive ready for use, maintaining the integrity of experiments and the accuracy of results.

Musical Instruments Shipping

Shipping musical instruments like violins or guitars require careful handling to prevent damage to their delicate structures. The tape signals this need, helping to ensure that instruments retain their sound quality and playability, which is vital for musicians relying on their condition for performance or recording.

Pharmaceutical Deliveries

Fragile packing tape is used in the pharmaceutical industry to safeguard medications and vaccines during shipping. Proper handling is critical to preserve their efficacy and safety, ensuring that these life-saving items remain intact and uncontaminated upon arrival at pharmacies or healthcare facilities.

Cosmetic and Fragrance Retailing

In the retail sector, fragile packing tape is used for shipping cosmetic and fragrance products, which are often housed in glass or delicate packaging. This ensures that products arrive at stores or directly to consumers in pristine condition, maintaining the brand's reputation for quality.

Aerospace Components Transport

Transporting aerospace components demands meticulous handling due to their high value and role in safety-critical systems. Fragile packing tape alerts handlers to the precision and care needed, ensuring that components arrive without damage that could compromise the safety and reliability of aerospace technology.

Collectible Items and Memorabilia Shipping

For collectors and sellers of memorabilia or collectable items, such as vintage toys or sports memorabilia, fragile packing tape is essential. It helps ensure that items retain their condition and value, which is crucial for maintaining the collectable's worth and the satisfaction of buyers and collectors alike.

Why Choose Our Fragile Packing Tape?

  • High-visibility warning to prevent mishandling
  • Strong adhesion for secure sealing
  • Smooth unrolling and easy cutting for efficient packing
  • Suitable for a wide range of packaging materials
  • Made from durable polypropylene

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