Double Sided Megabond Tape 25m

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This tape is ideal for: Sign fixings, edgings and trims,

Joining of sheets and damp proof membranes, Adhering insulation to walls,

Bonding GRP roof skins and aluminum,

Fixing of as carpets and strips, temporary tarpaulin repair 25 meters rolls

This tape is simply ‘no nails’ on a roll

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Fosseway Tapes, 700 micron amber coloured self-wound Mega bond Super tape is a double sided adhesive tape with internal scrim to give additional strength. The adhesive is coated onto a 100gsm white Kraft siliconized differential release liner. Both of these make this tape ideal for anything from: temporary tarpaulin repair to sign fixings.

This tape is simply ‘no nails’ on a roll. This ultra strong adhesive tape has been developed to stick to almost any substrate even porous and uneven surfaces and secure a bond that is almost as strong as using a mechanical fixing. The adhesive used on Super Tape also has a scrim running through it to give it some cohesive strength for when bonding to weaker substrates such as foam etc. This adhesive is rubber based and so direct exposure to UV light and high temperatures should be avoided.


  • Product Use

    Sign fixings, edgings and trims

    Joining of sheets and damp proof membranes

    Adhering insulation to walls

    Bonding GRP roof skins and aluminium in the commercial Bodybuilding Industry

    Fixing of floor materials such as carpets and strips

    Temporary tarpaulin repair

  • Product Application

    To apply this Megabond tape the two surfaces must be clean and dry. You should be aware that low temperatures at the time of application as this may increase the possibility of condensation on the surface.

    If this happens, this may reduce the final bond strength so we recommend that when applying this tape apply it at slightly warmer temperatures to improve its effectiveness.

    Still not sure the Megabond Super tape is right for your requirements?

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  • Technical
    Thickness 700mu
    Release Differential siliconised kraft liner paper 100g/m2
    Tensile Strength 88 N/25mm
    Elongation at break 12%
    Peel Strength Open side(20 mins) - 45 N/25mm
    (FINAT FTM 1 -Stainless Steel) - 1.8 kN/m
    Open side (24 hrs) - 65 N/25mm
    (FINAT FTM 1 – Stainless Steel) - 2.6 kN/m
    Closed side (20 mins) - 60 N/25mm
    (FINAT FTM 1 – Stainless Steel) - 2.4 kN/m
    Closed side (24 hrs) 65 N/25mm
    (FINAT FTM 1 – Stainless Steel) - 2.6 kN/m
    Inital Tack (FINAT FTM 9 – Stainless Steel) 18 N/25mm 0.7 kN/m
    Shear Strength (3kg static shear) >800 hours
    Service Temperature -5°C to +60°C
    Shelf Life 2 years (+15oC to 25oC or +50oF to 77oF)
    And 50% relative humidity in dust free environment before use and in original packaging.

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