Mirka 1230 30 Litre Dust Extraction Vacuum Bags (5 Pack)

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These Mirka 1230L Bags are Dust Extraction Vacuum Bags (pack 5), which have been designed for use with the 30 litre Mirka 1230L and 1230M Dust Extractors.

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These Mirka 1230L Bags are the original fitment fleece bag which is designed for dust-free sanding in combination with the Mirka CEROS and Mirka DEROS Orbital Sanders, DECO Plaster sander, Abranet Hand Sanding Tools, and many other sanding tools.


Are you in need of a reliable and efficient dust extraction solution for your woodworking or painting projects? Look no further than the Mirka 1230L Bags!

Crafted from high-quality materials, these bags are specifically designed to fit the Mirka 1230L Dust Extractor. With a large capacity and excellent filtration properties, they effectively capture and contain dust, dirt, and other fine particles to keep your work area clean and safe.


Thanks to their durable construction, Mirka 1230L Bags are ideal for heavy-duty use in industrial or commercial settings. They are easy to install and replace, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and optimal performance.

How many bags come in a package?

Each package contains 5 1230L Bags.

How often do the bags need to be replaced?

The frequency of bag replacement depends on the amount of dust and debris being extracted. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to replace the bags when they are about 2/3 full to ensure optimal performance.

Can the bags be reused or washed?

No, these Mirka bags are disposable and should not be washed or reused.

How do I dispose of the used bags?

The used bags should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations for disposal of hazardous waste. Please refer to your local waste management authority for specific disposal instructions.

Are there any special precautions I should take when handling the bags?

It is recommended to wear gloves and a dust mask when handling the bags to avoid contact with dust and debris. Additionally, always ensure that the dust extractor is turned off and unplugged before installing or replacing the bags.

What are the Mirka 1230L Bags used for?

These bags are used as a dust extraction solution for woodworking or painting projects. They effectively capture and contain dust, dirt, and other fine particles to keep your work area clean and safe.

What is the capacity of these bags?

Thes vacuum bags have a large capacity of 25 litres, allowing for extended use without needing to be emptied or replaced.

What is the filtration level of the Mirka 1230L Bags?

These bags have excellent filtration properties, capturing particles as small as 1 micron to keep your work area clean and safe.

Are these Mirka Bags easy to install?

Yes, they have been designed for easy installation and replacement. Simply slide the bag onto the dust extractor and secure it in place.

Are these Bags durable?

Yes, they are crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance, even in heavy-duty industrial or commercial settings.

Are the Mirka 1230L Bags compatible with other dust extractors?

No, these vacuum Bags are specifically designed to fit the Mirka 1230L Dust Extractor and may not be compatible with other dust extractor models.

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