Approved Double Sided NEC Tape 50m

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NEC Tape has been approved for use by Birmingham’s NEC for use on their Exhibition floors. It has a release liner which makes it sideways tearable — ideally suited for temporary carpet-laying at exhibitions.

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Introducing the Approved Double-Sided NEC Tape – the ultimate solution for all your bonding and mounting needs. Our 50-meter roll ensures you have ample supply for various applications, making it the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Experience unbeatable adhesion with our advanced NEC technology, meticulously designed to secure items firmly in place, even under the most demanding conditions. Say goodbye to substandard tapes that fail to deliver, and welcome the unparalleled performance of the Approved Double Sided NEC Tape.

Strong & Versatile

With its double-sided design, this tape is engineered to effortlessly stick to various surfaces, including metal, plastic, wood, glass, and ceramics.

Reliable Performance

The Approved Double Sided NEC Tape has high-tensile strength and exceptional heat resistance and can withstand extreme conditions, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy to Apply

Our tape is simple to work with, thanks to its flexible, easy-to-peel backing that ensures precise, hassle-free application.

Clean Peel & Residue-Free

Enjoy a seamless, clean finish without the sticky residue of inferior tapes. The Approved Double Sided NEC Tape is specially formulated to facilitate easy removal whenever necessary.

Generous Length

With a 50-metre roll, you'll have ample tape for multiple projects, eliminating the need for constant reordering.

Sideways tearable

Fosseway Tapes approved NEC tape is approved for use by Birmingham's NEC for use on their Exhibition floors and has a release liner which makes it sideways tearable. This flooring tape has a printed 60-micron Low-Density Polyethylene Film carrier. The open side of the tape is coated with a peelable low-tack adhesive, while the closed side is covered with a high-tack permanent adhesive. In addition, we manufacture this tape with a differential adhesive coating on each side. This coating is strong enough to hold carpets to exhibition hall floors securely. However, when necessary, you can quickly and cleanly peel it off, leaving no residue that would require subsequent cleaning.

Application uses

This tape is commonly used for or referred to as:
  • NEC approved tape
  • Flooring tape
  • Exhibition tape
  • NEC carpet tape
  • NEC tape
  • Double sided carpet tape
  • Event tape
  • Floor double sided tape
  • Double sided tape without residue
  • Carpet adhesive tape
  • Double sided tape for flooring

Events and Exhibitions

NEC Approved Double Sided Tape 50mm X 50m is best known for its uses at events and exhibitions and for temporarily fixing carpets. Because of its unique composition featuring two different adhesives, you can effectively use this tape in situations requiring both high-tack and low-tack adhesives. Ideally suited for temporary carpet-laying at exhibitions. Although this designed NEC Approved Tape leaves minimal residue upon removal, we always recommend conducting a test on a small area first. This test ensures compatibility and verifies the minimal residue claim.

How to apply this floor tape

The clean exhibition floor is where the open side of this NEC tape is applied. Then the release liner is removed to expose the adhesive. The underside of the exhibition carpet is firmly placed on this adhesive to secure it in position. As a result, peeling this tape off will not leave a residue.

NEC Carpet Tape 50 Metre Price

This NEC tape costs as little as 0.09p / metre, including VAT.

Technical Information

Adhesive ColourClear
Adhesive TypePure Acrylic
Tape Thickness (Carrier & Adhesive)0.108mm
Carrier Thickness0.060
Peel Adhesive (steel) 24hrs120/920N/M
Loop Tack140/640N/M
Shear Static (Hrs @ 1KG)1/120
Temp °C Min Application+5°C /-5°C
Service Range-20°C to +120°C
Shelf Life12mths PSTMA Conditions

How strong is the Approved Double Sided NEC Tape?

This eventing flooring tape has been designed with high-tensile strength, ensuring a secure bond for a wide range of applications. Its advanced NEC technology delivers exceptional adhesion on various surfaces, making it suitable for light and moderately heavy-duty tasks.

Is the tape suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, this tape is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It's heat resistance and durable design make it an ideal choice for projects exposed to various environmental conditions.

Can I remove the tape without damaging surfaces or leaving residue?

This tape has been specially formulated to guarantee clean and residue-free removal when it is taken off. However, we recommend testing the tape on a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to delicate surfaces or finishes, as certain materials may be more susceptible to damage.

Is the tape safe for use on painted walls?

You can use the Approved Double Sided NEC Tape on painted walls. Still, it's essential to first perform a compatibility test on a small, less noticeable area. This step will confirm its compatibility with the paint and help avoid any potential damage to the paintwork.

Can I cut the tape to a specific length or size?

You can easily cut the Approved Double Sided NEC Tape to your desired length or size using scissors or a utility knife. Its flexible design allows precise cutting and shaping to suit your requirements.

Not sure if this NEC Approved tape is right for your requirements?

If you are not sure if this approved NEC tape is correct for your requirements, please contact us to discuss your needs, and we can point you in the right direction.

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