Prebena 18g Brad Finish Tool 50mm

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Uses: Capable of firing 18 gauge brad and finish nails from 16mm to 50mm, ideal for a variety of finishing tasks.

Lightweight Design: Weighs only 1.3kg for reduced fatigue during extended use.

Adjustable Features: Includes an adjustable exhaust, depth setting for precise nail drive, and a side loader magazine for convenience.

Quiet Operation: Features a built-in silencer for quieter performance, perfect for residential projects.

Safety and Durability: Equipped with a trigger fuse, pressure protection, and a non-return mechanism for reliable and safe operation.


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Overview of the Prebena 18g Brad Finish Tool 50mm

Discover the efficiency and precision of the Prebena 18g Brad Finish Tool 50mm, a top-tier pneumatic brad nailer designed for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, which is built to handle a wide range of projects - from simple home renovations to more complex woodworking tasks.  

Application Uses For This Brad Finishing Tool

The Prebena 18g air tool has many application uses, including:

Trim and Moulding Installation

The Prebena Nailer is perfect for installing trim and moulding in your home, as it fires nails that are just the right size for securing delicate trim without splitting the wood.

This tool also makes it very easy to achieve a clean, professional finish around windows, doors, and baseboards, ensuring your trim is fixed securely and looks seamless by doing so.

Furniture Repair and Construction

This brad nailer is ideal for repairing loose joints in furniture or even constructing new pieces from scratch. Whether you are fixing a chair leg or assembling a custom bookshelf, the precise depth setting allows you to drive nails without damaging the surrounding wood, ensuring solid holds and a neat finish.

Cabinet Making

Precision and care are essential when building or repairing cabinets. The Prebena Nailer's lightweight design makes it easy to manoeuvre in very tight spaces, like inside cabinets, for instance, while its adjustable exhaust keeps air and debris away from your face and the surface - ensuring you get a clean working environment as a result. 

Crafting and DIY Projects

For craft enthusiasts, the Prebena Nailer is also a good tool to own as it is great for a variety of DIY projects, such as creating picture frames or decorative wood signs for instance, w hile the tool's ability to handle small nails also makes it perfect for more intricate work where larger nails could damage or look unsightly. 

Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring often requires precise nail placement without damaging the surface, as a result, this nailer can assist you in securing floorboards accurately. It can do this as the depth adjustment ensures that the nails are flush with the surface, reducing the need for later corrections. 

Building Outdoor Furniture

Whether you are making a garden bench or a picnic table, the Prebena Nailer easily provides you with the durability needed for outdoor furniture construction.

Its robust design can also handle thicker materials for the varied weather conditions to which outdoor furniture is exposed.

Installing Paneling

Adding wood panelling to walls can also transform the appearance of a room.

The Prebena Nailer, for instance, allows you to securely affix panels to walls with nails that are strong enough to hold but small enough to be discreet, maintaining the look of the panelling once placed.

Window and Door Frames

Assembling and installing window or door frames requires precision, and the light weight of this nailer makes it easy to use at different angles - particularly when working overhead or in tight corners.

The safety features, for instance, ensure that you can work confidently without accidental discharges from taking place.

Roofing and Siding

While typically used for finer work, the Prebena Nailer can also be used for tasks like roofing and siding on smaller structures like sheds or dog houses.

This is due to its ability to quickly reload and adjust nail depths, which speeds up the process and ensures a secure attachment.

Art and Decor Installations

For artists or decorators working with mixed media or large installations, the Prebena Nailer can also provide you with a means to secure various materials quickly and discreetly.

So, whether you are attaching canvas to wooden frames or constructing large-scale decorative installations, the nailer’s precision and ease of use make it an indispensable tool.

Exceptional Performance

The Prebena Nailer fires 18 gauge brad and finish nails ranging from 16mm to 50mm in length, making it an excellent choice for a variety of finishing applications, including trim and moulding.

As a result, its pneumatic design ensures consistent driving power and smooth operation, supported by an operating pressure of 4-7 bar (75-100 psi).

Designed for User Comfort

Weighing just 1.3kg, this lightweight brad nailer then minimises user fatigue during extended use as the tool's design includes an adjustable exhaust air system to keep air away from your workspace and a silencer for quieter operation, enhancing your experience while using it.

Precision and Control

Featuring a side loader magazine for easy reloads, the Prebena 2XR-J50 also offers you a depth setting feature allowing for precise nail depth control as well.

With added safety features like a trigger fuse and pressure protection, you can work with confidence, knowing that safety and precision are prioritised.

Durable and Reliable

Built to last, the Prebena 18g Brad Finish Tool also incorporates a non-return mechanism that ensures reliable operation for thousands of nails. When combined with its robust construction and low air consumption of approximately 0.6 litres per brad, this tool is an economical choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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