Sticky Stuff Remover 200ml

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Gel Formulation: Clings to vertical surfaces for precise application without dripping.

Multi-Surface Compatibility: Safely removes residues from glass, wood, and metal surfaces.

Effective Against Tough Stains: Easily tackles sticky tape, gum, tar, and more.

Easy to Use: Spray, let it act, and wipe away without harsh scrubbing.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Sticky Stuff Remover 200ml

Experience the power of our Ultimate Sticky Stuff Remover, specially formulated to tackle the toughest stains and residues; this 200ml aerosol is your go-to solution for removing unwanted sticky tape, label residue, tar, grease, chewing gum, makeup, and more from a variety of surfaces.

Why Choose Our Sticky Stuff Remover?

The unique gel formulation is designed to cling to vertical and inverted surfaces, ensuring that every application targets the stain directly without any wastage. It is the perfect choice for thorough cleaning without the mess.

Application Uses

This Sticky Stuff Remover has many application uses, such as:

Removing Label Residue

Easily dissolve and wipe away stubborn label and sticker residues from new products or containers without damaging the surface.

Cleaning Chewing Gum

Effortlessly remove chewing gum from both hard and fabric surfaces, including carpets and clothing, leaving them spotless and fresh.

Eradicating Tar Spots

Use it to clean tar from your car's bodywork or wheels, restoring the vehicle's pristine look without abrasive scrubbing.

Clearing Wax Buildup

Perfect for removing excess wax from surfaces after crafting or candle making, ensuring a clean and professional finish.

Grease Removal

Get rid of grease and oil stains from kitchen surfaces, mechanical parts, or tools, making maintenance and cleaning tasks simpler.

Eliminating Paint Stains

Quickly dissolve splatters and spills of paint from flooring, furniture, or clothing during renovation or artistic projects.

Adhesive Cleanup

Remove adhesive residues from surfaces after detaching hooks, signs, or decals, leaving no sticky traces behind.

Refreshing Upholstery

Effectively clean makeup stains and other cosmetic products from couches and chairs without leaving water marks.

Detailing Electronic Devices

Safe for use on metal and glass parts of electronic devices to clean off adhesive residues from labels, improving the device's appearance and functionality.

Cleaning Sports Equipment

Ideal for removing dirt, mud, and adhesive tapes from sports gear, ensuring equipment is clean and ready for the next game.

Effective on Multiple Surfaces

So whether you are dealing with glass, wood, metal, or worktops, our Sticky Stuff Remover is up to the challenge. It’s strong enough to be used in homes, garages, and workshops alike, providing a clean surface free from tough stains and residues.

Gel Consistency

Stays where you spray it, allowing for precise application on vertical surfaces.

Powerful Cleaning Action

Quickly dissolves adhesives, wax, bitumen, chewing gum, grease, and paint.

Safe for Multiple Surfaces

Ideal for cleaning glass, metal, and wood without damaging the material.

Easy to Use

Spray the Sticky Stuff Remover on the affected area, let it sit for a moment to penetrate the residue, and wipe clean. For tougher stains, a second application may be necessary to achieve a residue-free finish with minimal effort!

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