Tacwise 140EL Electric Staple Gun

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The Tacwise 140EL Electric Staple Nail Gun is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of applications, especially in DIY projects, upholstery, and light carpentry to name but a few.


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Tacwise 140EL Electric Staple Nail Gun - The Professional's Choice for Precision & Durability

Unlock the potential of your craft with the Tacwise 140EL Electric Staple Nail Gun, a tool engineered to blend power, precision, and portability into one lightweight package.

Designed for both the professional and the enthusiastic DIYer, this high-impact electric tacker is the go-to solution for a wide range of applications.

Application Uses

The Tacwise 140EL Electric Staple Gun is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of applications, especially in DIY projects, upholstery, and light carpentry.

Upholstering Furniture

It's ideal for reupholstering chairs, sofas, and ottomans, allowing you to fasten new fabric over furniture padding securely.

Attaching Fabrics

Perfect for attaching fabrics to wood frames in projects like making bulletin boards, fabric wall panels, or customizing your own headboards.

Carpet and Flooring

It can be used to secure carpeting to floors or staircases and for installing thin flooring underlayment or carpet padding.

Crafting and Decor

This tool is used to create and secure custom decorations, assemble homemade picture frames, and craft unique art projects that require durable fastening.

Insulation Installation

Handy for attaching thin insulation materials to walls or ceilings, ensuring a snug and energy-efficient fit.

Fixing Outdoor Netting

Useful for securing garden netting to wooden frames or posts to protect plants from birds and insects.

Cable and Wire Tacking

While care should be taken not to puncture the insulation, it can be used for neatly securing low-voltage wires or cables along walls or baseboards.

Building Birdhouses and Small Pet Homes

Great for assembling small wooden structures like birdhouses or pet homes, where precision and durability are needed.

Window Treatments

Installing lightweight window treatments or attaching fabric to wooden valances or cornice boards.

Repair Work

For quick repair jobs around the house, such as securing loose trim, fixing sagging car headliners, or attaching lightweight decorative elements to walls or furniture.

High-Impact Performance

The Tacwise 140EL delivers you consistent, reliable stapling action, making it perfect for tasks ranging from upholstery and insulation to crafting and light carpentry.

Its robust construction ensures it can handle the demands of continuous use without compromising on performance.

Lightweight Design

The 140EL weighs just the right balance to reduce fatigue. It is built for ease of use. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling for prolonged projects, allowing precision even in the most challenging tasks.

Versatility at Its Core

Compatible with 140 flat wire staples, this electric tacker can tackle a variety of materials, from fabrics and wood to cables and thin plastics.

So, whether you are reupholstering furniture, fixing carpets, or creating custom decorations, the 140EL has you covered.

Ease of Use

With features like a simple loading mechanism and a no-mar tip, the Tacwise 140EL is as user-friendly as it is efficient. It's designed to reduce downtime and increase productivity, allowing you to focus on the quality of your work.

Built for the Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts

Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for a reliable tool or a DIY enthusiast tackling your latest project, the Tacwise 140EL Electric Tacker is designed to meet your needs. Its blend of power, precision, and portability makes it an essential tool in any toolkit.

Why Choose the Tacwise 140EL?

The Tacwise 140EL Electric Tacker is more than just a tool; it's a partner in your creative and construction endeavours.

Its durable construction, coupled with its lightweight design, offers you an unrivalled user experience that will stand the test of time.

As it is also ideal for a vast array of applications, the 140EL is the reliable tack gun you need to ensure that every staple is a step towards perfection.

So, whether you are at the workbench or on-site, make every staple count with the Tacwise 140EL Electric Tacker.

With Tacwise, you can experience the blend of quality, durability, and innovation and elevate your projects to the next level.

  • Product Use
    The Tacwise 140EL Electric Tacker is a lightweight, high impact electric tacker that’s ideal for professionals as well as general DIY enthusiasts. Firing both staples and nails, this convenient hand tool takes the 140 flat wire staples (6-15mm) that are popular within the upholstery industry and also fires 180/15 mm series nails Perfect for a wide range of applications, the 140EL is the perfect tool for fitting laminate flooring.
  • Product Application
    Perfect for a wide range of applications, the 140EL is the perfect tool for fitting laminate flooring.
  • Technical
    800 Watts, 230V power input Bottom loading magazine with staple view window Fires 140 series staples (6 to 14mm) & 15mm, 18 gauge nails Magazine capacity 100 nails or staples Ideal for a multitude of stapling and tacking applications Fitted with a hook for tool belt Weight 0.8kg

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