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    Tacwise Metal Staple Tacker Z1-53

    Tacwise Metal Staple Tacker Z1-53

    The Tacwise Metal Staple Tacker Z1-53 is a highly efficient, premium hand tacker.

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    The Tacwise Metal Staple Tacker Z1-53 has an exceedingly reliable power curve makes it the perfect multi-surface stapling tool. The Z1-53 is ideal for use on upholstery, insulation, fabrics and blinds, panelling, hobby crafts; and posters or displays. This stapler can fire staples of between 4-8mm in leg length. This means that it can be used in applications with materials of varying thickness. The Tacwise Metal Staple Tacker Z1-53’s compact metal design also makes it easy to handle, so your stapling project can be completed with ease and efficiency.


    • Attaching borders or posters to display boards.
    • Securing fabrics in the creation of upholstery.
    • Attaching insulation to interior walls or ceiling panels.
    • A general stapling tool for use in hobby crafts such as canvas making.

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