6110G 1.1mm Grey Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape 33M

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The Hi-bond 6 series grey acrylic tape is automotive approved, has been tested by the Underwriters Laboratory UL746C, and it has excellent adhesion to / ideal for bonding:

  • – Sign & nameplates
  • – Automotive aftercare
  • – Display assembly industries
  • – Plastics
  • – Glass
  • – Painted steel
  • – Construction
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The 6110G 1.1mm Grey Double-Sided Acrylic Foam Tape 33M is automotive-approved. The Underwriters Laboratory UL746C has tested it. It has excellent adhesion to automotive plastics and painted steel. Other applications include sign and construction industries and automotive aftercare.

Suppose you are looking for that ultimate bond to plastics, metals, and glass. In that case, this 1.1mm thick, Grey high bond acrylic tape provides an unbelievable bond to difficult surfaces and, in many cases, eliminates the need to use mechanical fixings such as screws and bolts.

This high-bond acrylic tape will not let you down when you need a sure-fire fix.

Grey Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape Application Uses

This grey acrylic tape is ideal for bonding:

  • Sign & nameplates
  • Automotive aftercare
  • Display assembly industries
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Painted steel
  • Construction

Automotive Trim Attachment

Ideal for bonding and securing automotive trim parts like mouldings, emblems, and weather stripping.

Signage Mounting

Perfect for attaching signs and displays in both indoor and outdoor environments due to its strong adhesive properties.

Panel Bonding

Used for attaching panels and plates in various industries, ensuring a secure and durable bond.

Glass Glazing

Suitable for bonding glass to metal or other substrates, providing a clear, clean look without visible fasteners.

Electronics Assembly

Commonly used in electronic devices to attach components, secure battery packs, and manage cables.

Point of Sale Displays

Useful for mounting POS displays in retail environments, offering a clean and professional appearance.

Mirror Mounting

Ideal for securely attaching mirrors to various surfaces, providing a strong and reliable bond.

Industrial Equipment Assembly

Used in the assembly of industrial equipment, ensuring parts are securely bonded and vibration is minimized.

Home Decor and Fixtures

Perfect for attaching hooks, frames, and other decorative items in homes without damaging walls.

Aerospace Applications

Suitable for use in aerospace applications where high performance and reliability are required for bonding parts and components.

Temperature information

The solvent acrylic adhesive has an amazing 180°C service temperature rating, which means this is one of the most impressive bonding tapes available today.

Liner information

The red HDPE backing liner ensures tear-free removal from the dark grey acrylic tape, which is ideal when time is of the essence.

Tape benefits

This adhesive tape has the following benefits and properties:

  • Foamed Acrylic Tape
  • Colour: Grey
  • Soft, tacky and conformable
  • Ideal for use in automotive; engineering, sign and display manufacturing

Construction information

This tape is made from the following:

  • Red PE Liner
  • Acrylic adhesive

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