Type 73 Staples

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73 Type Plier Staples come in lots of 5,000 staples per box

Our 73 Type Staples are for use with any Type 73 Hand Plier Stapler


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Introducing the Type 73 Staples – a perfect blend of durability, precision, and reliability for all your stapling needs. These premium staples cater to a wide range of applications, making them a must-have accessory for home and office environments.

Universal Compatibility

Type 73 Staples are designed to fit seamlessly with most leading stapler brands, ensuring you have the best compatibility and optimum performance.

High-Quality Material

These staples, crafted from high-grade steel, display exceptional strength and durability, resisting bending or breaking. This braking resistance ensures a reliable and secure attachment.


Each staple is crafted precisely, ensuring consistent and accurate placement for a clean, professional finish every time.

Versatile Applications

Type 73 Staples are perfect for various tasks, including securing documents, binding presentations, fastening flyers, or even simple DIY projects around the house.

Large Pack Size

With 5,000 staples per box, you can count on having a generous supply on hand to tackle any job, big or small.

What is the size of these staples?

These staples measure 12mm in width and 8mm in leg length, making them an ideal size for various stapling applications.

Are Type 73 Staples compatible with all staplers?

While these have been designed to be universally compatible with most leading stapler brands, it is always best to check your stapler's specifications to ensure optimal performance.

Can these be used for heavy-duty applications?

These staples are made from high-quality steel, providing strength and durability for various applications. However, for heavy-duty or specialised stapling needs, we recommend checking the recommended staple type for your specific stapler model.

How many staples are included in each box?

Each box of Type 73 Staples contains 5,000 staples, ensuring you have a generous supply for all your stapling needs.

Are these rust-resistant?

These are made from premium-quality steel, providing resistance to rust and corrosion. However, storing them in a cool, dry place is always a good idea to prolong their lifespan.

Can I use these for upholstery projects?

These staples are suitable for various tasks, including light upholstery work. However, for more demanding upholstery projects or thicker materials, you may need to opt for specialised staples explicitly designed for upholstery applications.

How can I ensure the best performance?

To achieve optimal stapling results, ensure you are using a compatible stapler, and always check the maximum capacity of your stapler to prevent jamming or damage. Regularly clean your stapler of any unused or jammed staples for the best performance.

Type 73 Staples Overall

Experience the difference with the Type 73 Staples, your dependable partner for every stapling task. Invest in a product that provides unmatched performance and longevity, ensuring your work looks polished and professional for years.

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