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VELCRO® Brand Dots 13mm Self Adhesive Coins (1,550 per roll)

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These Velcro dots are ideal for the following applications:

  • – Attaching notices
  • – Cable management
  • – Carpet fitting
  • – Copper insoles
  • – Craft projects
  • – Display boards
  • – Home organisation
  • – Industrial fastening
  • – Industrial industries
  • – Mounting lightweight objects
  • – Numerous commercial applications
  • – Point of Sale (PoS)
  • – Securing curtains or drapes
  • – Temporary signage
  • – Tool or equipment organization
  • – Wall decorations
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Unleash your creativity and organizational skills with our premium VELCRO Dots, 13mm Self Adhesive Coins. These high-quality adhesive dots are perfect for various applications, from crafting to professional display setups. Each roll contains a staggering 1,550 individual VELCRO dots, providing plenty of sticking power for any project. VELCRO® Brand Self Adhesive hook and loop, which are 13mm in size, constitute PS14 Velcro Dots. These coins feature a general-purpose adhesive suitable for smooth surfaces and indoor and outdoor applications.


Featuring a diameter of 13mm, these versatile dots are ideal for adhering to various items without causing unnecessary bulk. The self-adhesive backing firmly and securely grips smooth and rough surfaces yet allows easy removal and adjustment.


Each dot is manufactured from superior-quality materials to ensure its durability and longevity. Despite their strength, these VELCRO dots are gentle on surfaces, leaving no residue or damage behind. They are resistant to wear and tear, allowing them to secure your items for an extended period.

Easy to Use

Designed for convenience, the roll is easy to use and store. Peel off the number of dots you need, stick them to your chosen surface, and press your items onto the dots for an instant bond.


Achieve neat, flexible, secure attachment with the VELCRO Dots 13mm Self-Adhesive Coins. Get a roll today, and experience the convenience and reliability of this must-have tool. An indispensable product for hobbyists, crafters, teachers, event planners, and more - your world will stick together better with VELCRO!

Male & Female

These Velcro brand coins and dots come in Male and Female versions with 1,550 per roll.

What are VELCRO® Brand Tape 13mm Self Adhesive Coins?

VELCRO® Brand Tape 13mm Self-Adhesive Coins are small, circular pieces of hook-and-loop fastening material that come in a roll of 1,550 pieces.

What are the dimensions of each coin?

Each coin measures 13mm (0.5 inches) in diameter.

What are the coins made of?

The coins are made of a durable, high-quality hook-and-loop fastening material that provides a solid and secure hold.

How do I use the self-adhesive coins?

Peel off the backing paper and press the coins onto a clean and dry surface. Once in place, the coins can attach and detach items as needed.

Can the coins be removed and repositioned?

Yes, you can remove and reposition the coins as needed. However, it is essential to note that the adhesive may become less effective over time, particularly after multiple repositionings.

What can the self-adhesive coins be used for?

The self-adhesive coins are ideal for various applications, including organizing cables and cords, securing clothing and accessories, fastening signs and posters, and much more.

Can these Velcro Dots be used outdoors?

We do not recommend using the self-adhesive coins outdoors because exposure to the elements might degrade their performance.

Are the coins compatible with other VELCRO® Brand products?

Yes, the coins are compatible with other VELCRO® Brand hook-and-loop fastening products, allowing you to easily mix and match different sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Are the self-adhesive coins easy to remove?

You can easily remove the coins by pulling them off the surface. However, it is essential to note that the adhesive may leave some residue behind, mainly if the coins have been in place for an extended time.

Application uses for Velcro Dots

Whether setting up a photo display, organizing classroom materials, decorating for an event, or attaching lightweight items, these VELCRO Dots will make the task easy and efficient. Their versatility is impressive; they work wonderfully on paper, plastic, glass, and metal. These Velcro dots are ideal for the following applications:
  • Copper insoles
  • Attaching notices
  • Numerous commercial applications
  • Point of Sale (PoS)
  • Carpet fitting
  • Industrial industries

Watch these Velcro Coins in action

Pre cut Velcro coins

These Velcro Dots come in pre-cut coins.

How to use these Velcro coins?

When you use these VELCRO® Brand coins, peeling away the release paper and pressing down the adhesive into place is as simple.

Colours of Velcro Dots

These Velcro dots are available in both:
  • Black
  • White

Sizes of Velcro Dots

These Velcro dots are available in the following types:
  • Hook
  • Loop
  • Hook & Loop

Velcro Dot prices

These official Velcro dots are cheap and come from as little as 1p / dot.
Base MaterialRubber Resin
Temperature Range-15°C to +90°C
Peel Average: (curing time: 24 hours) Method: FTM 1 (FINAT*)17 N/cm
Softening Point≥90°C
Static Shear Method: FTM 8 (FINAT*)≥7 days
TackMedium / Low
Application MethodPressure
ApplicationGeneral except PVC
Special featuresHigh cohesion under temperature

Not sure if these Velcro adhesive coins are suitable for your requirements?

If you are not sure if these Velcro dots are correct for your needs, please contact us to discuss your needs, and we can point you in the right direction.

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