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    10 Practical Uses for Velcro

    Velcro has hundreds if not thousands of applications. It can be used for all kinds of things across households and gardens as well as the commercial and industrial industries.

    We’ve listed just a few of our favourite practical uses below. Let us know if you use Velcro for something we’ve not thought of - we’d love to hear more ideas.

    Hang Pictures

    Need to hang pictures or noticeboards or other decorations around the house? Velcro is great for doing this. It removes the need for nails or screws, making it a particularly good option if you’re renting or don’t want to damage your walls. Simply stick one adhesive Velcro strip to the wall and the other to whatever it is that you want to hang. While the adhesive on Velcro is easy to remove from walls or surfaces, it’s always worth trying it out on a small area before committing to attaching it anywhere more significant.

    Tidy Cables

    A mass of cables isn’t just an eyesore - it’s also a serious time waster when you need to identify a particular lead and then untangle it from all the rest. The solution? Use Velcro strips to create cable ties that keep all of your leads neatly together. Simply attach a hook side to a loop side back to back and wrap this around your newly organised cables to keep them neatly together.

    Secure Easily Misplaced Items

    Always losing the remote? Can’t find your game controller? This doesn’t need to be the case. Simply attach Velcro to one side of whatever it is that you keep losing and then affix some opposing Velcro to wherever you deem it best for the item to be kept. This could be a table, a shelf or even a wall. This will help to make sure you can find your items quickly and easily - as long as you remember to put it back in the same place, that is.

    Secure Rugs

    Rugs and carpets are a lovely addition to any space, but when they’re slipping and sliding and never staying in one spot they can seem more hassle than they’re worth. We’ve got a simple way to keep them in place, however - attach some Velcro to rug and also to the carpet or flooring where you want the rug to stay. The Velcro will keep the rug firmly in place.

    Get Organised

    Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom or office, Velcro can help you to keep organised. By placing Velcro onto walls or into your cupboards or drawers, you can create clever storage systems that ensure that you know where everything is. We particularly like the idea of creating your own bespoke storage system within your drawers so that you can better store make up, stationery, toiletries, jewellery or all that stuff you keep hidden away in your junk drawer. Getting organised doesn’t have to stay in the home or office, however. How about using Velcro in your car boot to stop things from sliding around? It’s a great way to fix important things like a torch or first aid kit in place to stop any damage from occurring and to make sure you know exactly where things are.

    Mount Devices

    Everyone’s on their phones or tablets these days. They’ve become primary devices for watching things for many people. But their convenience is limited because they’re not designed to stand alone and instead need to be held, which can be uncomfortable and awkward. So why not use Velcro to mount them onto walls or a stand? It’s a quick and easy solution that’ll maximise your viewing pleasure.

    De-pill Knitwear

    It’s certainly the time of year for knitwear. But when you’re wearing jumpers or cardigans often, it’s inevitable that they’ll start to pill. And no one likes the way those bobbles look! There are several ways to de-pill your sweaters, though, and Velcro is a great method. Simply wrap a strip of the hook side around your hand and lightly run it over the bobbles. It should pick them all up and leave your jumper looking smooth and new.

    Optimise Space

    Small areas and rooms need clever solutions if you’re to really get the most out of the available space. Velcro is a great solution for doing this. It can help you utilise empty wall space, create better storage in cupboards and optimise areas you hadn’t even considered as somewhere to store things.


    Velcro can be used to easily organise all of your tools on your shed walls to create a tidier gardening environment. It can also be used to create durable plant ties. The great advantage of using Velcro as plant ties is that it removes the need for tying or twisting, making it a gentler option for plants. It’s also still incredibly strong and can be used again and again and again.

    Pet Protection

    Got plants, ornaments or decorations that you’d really like to keep your pets (cats) from knocking over? Velcro has got you covered. If you attach some Velcro to the bottom of your pot or ornament and then attach another piece to the shelf or table, it will hold your items firmly in place so no paws or bushy tails can accidentally (or purposefully) knock them to the floor.
    We supply a wide range of Velcro products at competitive, price-matched prices. With everything from non-adhesive sew-on tape to heavy duty tape, self-adhesive tape and Velcro coins in a range of widths and sizes, we’re sure to have a solution that meets your needs. Not sure what’s right for you? Get in touch with our team - we’ll be happy to advise you on the best product for your needs.